So I've Started an E-mail List

So, I’ve started an e-mail list on my site. And, it seems to be going really well so far. I’ve gotten quite a number of sign-ups from people all around the world. I’ve put together what I think is a pretty cool free report for those who join entitled “Study the OT for Free.” It basically goes through how a person can get a university level understanding of the Old Testament using only free courses that can be found on the internet. That is about 36 credit hours worth of classes.

Beyond getting a number of sign-ups, it has been a learning experience so far. I had not been prepared for the amount of spam. So, I went ahead and set up the e-mail list through Aweber, which is relatively inexpensive. This allows me to send out broadcasts and also to set up a monthly newsletter type publication with some pretty neat templates. One good thing about the service is that whenever someone joins they can always start with the first volume of the newsletter or whatever I decide to do, instead of somewhere in the middle.

Many people might think doing an e-mail list is “old hat” with sites like Twitter and Facebook available. However, I can already attest that I have gotten more followers for my-email list through this site than Twitter followers. I guess as popular as Twitter is it will never be more popular than e-mail. With that said, I am excited about the possibilities for helping people to understand the Old Testament better.

If you would like to join the list, just go over to the e-mail list page, enter a little info, and wait for your Aweber confirmation.