A Suggestion for Old Testament Reading and Listening

If you are looking for a new and different way to read or listen to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, I would suggest trying to listen to the books in the traditional Hebrew ordering if you have never done so. Christian versions of the Old Testament follow the order of the books found in the Greek version of these texts, whereas the Hebrew ordering is quite different.  The most major difference is that in the Hebrew ordering the prophets come in the middle and not at the end.  Christians probably preferred the Greek ordering with the prophets coming last because they saw the prophets as foretelling the coming of Christ.  However, when one reads or listens to the books in the Hebrew order it is possible to see parts of the section referred to as the Writings as a response to the prophets since the Writings come after the prophets.  This is one of many nuances that one may find when listening to the books in a different order.  You could do this with any audio Bible or Bible text and simply follow the Hebrew order as found HERE.  Or, you could get a copy of one of the Bibles published by the Jewish Publication Society.