New Career Developments

Well, I learned this week that I would not be adjuncting at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans for the coming semester.  They just hired two new full-time faculty members with one of them being in Sacred Scripture.  I think this will be very good for the seminary and add to the sense of academic community in a way that having a number of adjunct faculty coming in and out never could.  However, I must say I will miss seeing my students two days out of the week.  I wish them all the best with their continued studies.

With that said, I am thankful that I had my first opportunity to teach over the past academic year and look forward to further opportunities for the future.  I am currently still checking into some possibilities for adjuncting in the coming semester; however, if that does not work out, I am excited about other opportunities that will open up.  In my mind, I know that if I am not teaching in the fall, I will be able to put more time into this website, which will give my outlet for Old Testament instruction.  I am also attempting to get some hours tutoring in Biblical and Classical languages, which is really my first love.  I put out flyers on Wednesday and have already had at least five people get my contact information.  In addition, I will probably check into getting some speaking engagements, which I will hopefully be able to incorporate into the website.

So, this is a change, but it is an exciting time to see what might be next.  To be continued …