Debating June's Audible Selections

So, I still had not used my Audible credits for June (which is very strange for me) until today. This month I chose two less academic titles. First, I chose Eugene Peterson’s Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places. I have heard a lot of people that I respect very highly speak well of Peterson’s books, though a lot of them are not crazy about his Message Bible. So, I thought I would give this book a chance. From what I understand it is the first in a five part series, which makes me hope that it it worthwhile. That would make my Audible selections for next month considerably easier.

My second Audible selection for the month was The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs.  The premise of the book seemed funny enough.  It is an author detailing his attempt to live out laws of the Bible as completely as possible.  When one considers there are laws against wearing clothing made from two different types of fabric it is immediately apparent how difficult this would be.  This book was actually recommended to me by a teenager in my congregation who thought this would be cool to do for a school project.

I am not sure which text I will listen to first; however, you can be sure that I will write a short review on each when I finish.  So, continue to check back on the blog, or subscribe to the e-mail list to get weekly blog broadcasts.