Skipping the Book of Joshua

Wow! The lectionary readings skip way ahead today.  Yesterday was Joshua 3 and now we are at Joshua 24.  I can somewhat understand this since I’m not a huge fan of conquest narratives myself.  But, this caused me to step back a bit to check on how much of the Book of Joshua is actually used in the lectionary.  I found this handy site (HERE) that tells how much of each book appears in lectionary readings.  My goodness!  We only get 6.4% of the Book of Joshua.  In fact, we miss a whole lot of the Old Testament.  Of course a lot of churches skip a lot of (the whole of) the Old Testament.  And, it is probably good that using a lectionary people get any Old Testament at all.  But, I will probably eventually have to change my approach on this blog.

How much Old Testament do you get/give in your church/denomination?  Please comment below: