Free Course Guide – Eric Cline History of Ancient Israel

Today’s lectionary reading was on the ark of the Lord being brought to Jerusalem.  And, it reminded me of an audio lecture by Eric Cline dealing with modern speculation about the current location of the ark.  It is a very interesting lecture in which professor Cline laments the fact that such endeavors waste research efforts and funds.  The lecture is a part of his Modern Scholar Series course entitled A History of Ancient Israel.  Then, I recalled that the course guide is available for download from Audible for free (at least as far as I know).  To download the course guide click HERE and scroll down to the “Publisher’s Summary.”  There click the link that says “Download the Accompanying Reference Guide.”

If you like the course guide and are interested in getting the audio for free (US and UK only, though I think anyone can get the course guide), click the Audible Free Trial link in the right navigation area of this site. –>