Oh Man! I Missed a Judges Reading – What's a Biblical Judge Anyway?

Yesterday I reported that there was no Old Testament lectionary reading.  I was actually incorrect.  I had clicked the wrong Monday on the lectionary calendar.  We actually do get some readings from Judges before the lectionary sells its soul by leaving out the Old Testament in favor of the likes of Revelation and 1 Thessalonians.  I will try to catch back up on the readings that I missed.  But, to get you started I thought it was important to point you somewhere to answer the question: What is a “judge?”

One of my favorite sites for answering questions like this is Google Books.  Even the limited previews give you access to some of the best resources available (though obviously with limitations).  HERE is a link to a section in the Oxford History of the Biblical World. Scroll down a bit and read the section entitled “Who should rule? The office of judge.”  This section goes into detail about the Hebrew word underlying the English translation “judge.”  It becomes quickly apparent that it is not limited to the modern meaning of the term.  Be sure to check out the article.

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