Is the Antichrist Supposed to Glow?

After earlier looking at the Biblical evidence for why I am in fact the antichrist, I realized that I forgot to post a picture, so that you and your families might know what to look out for and be safe.  Then, just as I was about to take a good frontal picture I realized that I was glowing:

Glowing Antichrist Picture

I am no expert on the New Testament, but can anyone tell me if the antichrist is supposed to glow?  Is this normal antichrist behavior?  Is this further, indisputable proof?

On another note, I informed my wife about the Biblical evidence for my “antichrist status,” or whatever you prefer to call it.  She just kind of raised her eyebrows like I wasn’t really the antichrist. But, that’s when I thought “That’s exactly the Bible says.”  Of course, people aren’t going to think I’m the antichrist.  They’re going to be drawn to me.  They’re going to think that this is just some kind of joke with me making fun of end-time preachers who don’t know what they’re talking about.  And, then … bam! Tribulation.

I don’t feel any different yet (except for the glowing). I wonder if I will all of a sudden I will turn into antichrist mode or if it is more gradual, you know, something that you grow into.


  • And, then … bam! Tribulation.

    Quote of the day!

    • The first of the deceived.