The Most Dangerous Biblioblogger of All – Jim West is the Antichrist

One day ago I was convinced that I was the antichrist, but I have come to the realization that my exegesis was biased. I brought in a number of my own presuppositions, which blinded me to the truth, the truth which I have now come to see clearly. Recently, Jim West posted a blog about the fact that one day a biblioblogger would be dangerous.  And, I began to wonder to myself “How in the world would he know these things if he was not the antichrist?” Now, through further prayer and study I have come to the conclusion that Jim West is indeed the antichrist. This makes him by far the most dangerous biblioblogger of all.  And, bibliobloggers all over the world align themselves with him at their own peril.

Here are 7 reasons why Jim West is beyond any shadow of a doubt the antichrist:

  1. Let us begin with his first name. Jim – this is pretty transparent if one knows the original Hebrew (see here for the value of the original Hebrew). Jim is a shortened form of James, which is a derivative of the Hebrew Jacob. According to (a respected lexicon in the field), the name Jacob to no surprise means “supplanter.” This is certainly what the antichrist will do isn’t it?  He will try to supplant Jesus in the hearts and minds of his followers.  And, God foreordained that the first name of the antichrist would be Jacob to warn of us of this.  Think about it.  Why else would Dr. West insist on being called Jim if he was not trying to cover up this Jacob connection?
  2. Now, to the last name. A little more language work needs to be done here. West – If we take the consonants and transliterate them to Hebrew we get vavsintet. This doesn’t match any Hebrew word. So, are we at a dead end? Certainly not. In Hebrew, everyone knows that a nun is very likely to drop out. Now, when one adds a nun to the end of the sequence vavsin – tet what do we get? vesatan. Can anyone guess what that means? “And Satan.” So, what do we have now in the name Jim West? “Supplanter and Satan.” Could the evidence possibly be any clearer?
  3. Let’s move beyond the name. Jim West loves being a part of the “Catholic Biblical Association.” Thus, he is in league with the “great whore of Babylon.” Everyone knows that Catholics neither read nor study the Bible. In fact, most of them are completely unaware that the Catholic Church has added books to the Bible. So, what could it possibly mean to be a part of the “Catholic Biblical Association” other than that being code for worshiping the great whore herself?
  4. Jim is very in touch with evil. Not only did he have foreknowledge of which bibliobloggers would one day be dangerous. He consistently writes posts labeled “Total Depravity.” I have often wondered how he could have access to so much bad news. Then, it dawned on me. He is the antichrist. He knows about it because he is making bad things happen.
  5. Jim’s hubris when it comes to being the biblioblogger of the month is astounding (Notice also in the right sidebar of his blog the prominent display of the award). Could anyone possibly be any more arrogant if he was not the antichrist?
  6. Jim appears to be a fan of Bultmann. Need I say more?
  7. Finally, there is Jim’s hatred of cats. Why would Jim West hate cats? Everyone knows that they are the guardians of the underworld.  And as the antichrist, that is where Jim is destined to spend all eternity with all those who are in league with him. So, think long and hard before you attend his precious “biblioblogger dinner.” Just remember if he tries to put a mark of any kind on you, it is likely the mark of the beast.

If you wish to avoid the deceit of the antichrist and the eternal wrath of God of which Jim West is a most certainly a part, there is a way.  Please send all of your money to me using the link below, so that I may pray on your behalf:


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  • oh this is fantastic!!!!!!

    • Well, well, well … the Spawn of Satan himself here commenting on my blog. You may try all the flattery you like, but it will not work here. And, now look. My readers have your profile picture to get a good look at your face that in the time of the great falling away they may be saved. 😉

  • amen and amen. i knew it!

    • At least one soul has been averted from disaster this night.

  • This has gotta be the work of NT Wrong.

    • I can assure you that no NTs were consulted in the writing of this blog post, right, wrong, or otherwise. Unless of course, you count the New Testament, which I believe supports my arguments quite clearly.

  • How come I missed all these connections?
    Being a Hebrew teacher and all, I should have known this a long time ago. 😉

    Thanks for the heads up.

    • Don’t beat yourself up too bad. I was blinded by this for a while myself. But, now the end has become clearer. Only we must be on the lookout for the false prophet. I have some ideas about who this may be, but this too will also be made clear to us in coming days.

  • I gave my ole lady and all my money to Jim and he saved me, saved me. Amen,Amen

  • hahahaha! brilliant!

  • Apropos # 10 seems that I was min-quoted, what I intended to pass on regarding that red nek preacher from TN was that I paid him to take my ole lady which he did and thus saved me from her wrath. His problem now, cost me a arm and a leg, guy doesn’t come cheap, but it was worth it. As whether or not he saved me theologically, well he asked me if I was born ‘agin’ told him that I was born right the first time. I don’t think he understood….or he doesn’t have a sense of humor. Whatevah…