Excellent Blog Stats? Or, Further Proof that Jim West is the Antichrist?

Only one day ago, I exposed Jim West as the antichrist.  His nonchalance toward my post (i.e. laughing) to me indicates that he now feels he has something to hide.  I suppose it was perhaps a nervous laughter since someone is now on to him.  But, Mr. West, being the antichrist is not something that you can hide as indicated by your recent post 24 Hours of Biblioblogdom.  Let me ask my readers a question: Is it natural for a person who blogs about Biblical Studies to reach 24 hour stats while others lag behind in 7 day stats?  No one is that interested in Biblical Studies.  There is something more at work here.  It is a known fact that the antichrist will have great drawing power.  That Jim West is the antichrist is the only explanation that I can think of that a Biblioblog would have such statistics.  I report.  You decide.