On Being a Self-conscious Blogger

I am a self-conscious blogger.  An aside in a recent post by Chris Brady made me ponder this as he references a text that gives the advice to “simply write.” This type of advice is difficult for me. And, the one thing that I think cripples me above all others when it comes to writing blog posts is a desire for everything to be perfect.  Some readers may be scratching their heads right now “This idiot strives for his blog posts to be perfect?”   I know.  But, it is as if I go back and make sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” crossed, even though a word processor already does that for me.

In terms of my blog, I am afraid of making a mistake and having it pointed out to me in a place so public as the internet. But, I realize this is me thinking wrongly with regard to my blog.  This blog should be a place for conversation. It should be a place where I put thoughts forward and welcome them being corrected.  I realize that there is a balance to be struck here. There is a lot of poorly written nonsense on the internet. And, that is one end of the extreme. Yet there are also likely a significant number of good ideas that never make it into blogs because someone like me is afraid of looking silly or making an error in public. Or, another symptom may be that blog writers stick to topics that are comfortable and easy so as not to risk be corrected.  That is the other end of the extreme.

With that said, I hope to become a better more productive blogger who actually publishes more posts.  If anyone has read any good posts or books on this type of writers block lately, feel free to link to them in the comments.