Gary Rendsburg – The Bible and History Free Mini-course

HERE is a link to a free mini-course entitled the Bible and History offered by Gary Rendsburg of Rutgers University.  I have not had time to review this course yet and do not know the format.  However, I have used some of Rendsburg’s material in the past and been impressed.  His course on Genesis from the Teaching Company is phenomenal.  I do not agree with him in every respect with regard to his views on dates and other matters, nonetheless his views are well thought out and provide a lot to think about even if you disagree with him.

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  • I am seeking referral to Jewish old testament literature appropriate for a very bright 12 year old who is the offspring of our Jewish daughter and our hindi (but not relegious) son-in-law…she wishes to explore her Jewish heritage and also to learn Hebrew…thank you for any suggestions you can offer