Daniel McClellan on Monotheism and Other Gods in the Hebrew Bible

I have posted a number of times in the past about examples of henotheism in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible.  HERE is a post by Daniel McClellan in which he goes into a significant amount of detail on the topic.  I am one who was trained in the manner of Wiggins who he cites in the post.  In my reading, statements in Deutero-Isaiah have been taken as monotheistic; however, McClellan makes a good case for pushing the development of monotheism back a bit further and not taking statements in Deutero-Isaiah as strictly monotheistic.  Check out his post and see what you think.


  • Hey, thanks for the mention Jeremy. This is an interesting and important topic in my mind. It’s good to see others engaging it as well.

    • You bet. I find the topic interesting as well. It seems like almost every time I’m reading Psalms I’m seeing reference to other deities. I had just never looked quite so closely at the Deutero-Isaiah texts.