Pod Bible – A Very Cool Audio Bible Site

HERE is a link to PodBible.com a project associated with Tim Bulkeley among others.  It is by far one of the best free audio Bible sites online.  There are a number of exceptional things about it, but one really sticks out.  There are free audio Bible downloads of a modern translation.  As I have stated on the audio Bibles page of my site, most of what you are going to get in terms of free audio Bibles online is going to have a catch.  If you are able to download it all, then it is likely going to be an old, out-of-copyright text.  Or, if you want to listen to a modern version, you are going to be tied to listening to it online through streaming.  Pod Bible looks like it is going to give you a modern translation that you are able to download.  Some of the features like Bible60 are going to be great, but they are still a work in progress.  Yet this should not stop you from clicking over to the site and checking everything out.

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