4 Reasons Hebrew is Better Than Greek

Before I give the impression that this matter is open to debate, rest assured it is not.  I am only supplying four reasons why Hebrew is better than Greek; there are a myriad of reasons.  Some might even argue that it makes no sense to call one language “better” than another.  I disagree.  This type of argument presupposes an anti-supernaturalism, which denies the fact that God has miraculously spoken in a particular language, namely Hebrew and to a lesser extent Greek (though I am not completely convinced that we will not find an original Hebrew version of the New Testament.  I cannot see why God would have abandoned his use of this language.  Doubting God’s abandonment of Hebrew follows naturally from the findings below).

  1. God dictated more (nearly all of it if you are Jewish) of the Bible in Hebrew than He did in Greek (if He in fact dictated any of it at all in Greek and the Greek New Testament is not simply a translation of an original Hebrew version).  Why would He have done this if Hebrew was not better?
  2. Hebrew moves from right to left, which is certainly the way God intended language to work since the right is always better.  If the right was not better, it would be meaningless to “sit at the right hand of the Father.”  It seems only natural that a language should start on the right and go to the left.  Anything else, namely Greek and even my own native language which I am writing in, is an aberration.
  3. Hebrew is so magnificent that it did not need a complex system of vowel markings for centuries.  It was in a sense naked like Adam and Eve in the perfection of the Garden of Eden.  God only allowed the vowels to be added as a concession to us as weak minded people who could not handle the natural beauty and wonder of the language.  Greek on the other hand was never even in this edenic state.
  4. The Hebrew of the Bible is embedded with codes that will reveal to us the secrets of the end of the world.  Anyone who says otherwise is a tool of the AntiChrist.  Hebrew is a much better language than Greek for this due to the consonantal nature of the Hebrew text.  Equidistant Letter Sequence (=ELS) researchers are able to supply vowels themselves, which makes codes much easier to find than if one had to use a text (i.e. a Greek one) with vowels already supplied.  This is a great hindrance to ELS research on the New Testament.


  • Blasphemy! Everyone knows that God gave his final and most important revelation to Muhammad, praise be unto him, because of the superiority of the Arabian language.

  • Wow – never thought about the right being better, but you make a very valid point!