So This Idiot Judge is in My Home Parish

So, I just realized this idiot judge who would not marry an interracial couple is in my hometown.  And, according to Jim West I should stand in front of his office with a sign and demand his resignation.  Chances are he won’t be in tomorrow though.  And, chances are I won’t be able to get leave from work to do that any day next week.  But, I feel I can rest assured we have some very good people in office here in Tangipahoa Parish who will handle this situation appropriately.

Shamefully, racism is still alive and quite well here in South Louisiana.  And, it is alive and well among religious people many of whom are probably nodding their heads along with everything that this moron says.  It is just sad that these people are too stupid to realize things like Jesus was Jewish (i.e. not a white American of Jewish descent), along with just about every other major religious figure in the Bible after Abraham.   Not that this should matter that much really since no one derives their dignity from a religious text.    But, in the area in which I live one would assume that people would at least allow their religious texts to inform their thinking (though this assumes that they have the ability to think at all of which I am not convinced).