Old Testament Stories – Lego Style

Okay. Someone has way too much time on their hands, namely the creator of TheBrickTestament.com.  A considerable number of Biblical stories are laid out with Legos.  You really need to go check this out.  I have seen a lot of people link to this before, but have never really taken the time to go look.  One word of warning, however, would be that the creator of the site does not seem very well disposed toward the Bible at times, or one might even say overall.  One of the stories is titled “God Makes Promises He Won’t Keep.”  Nonetheless, the actual Lego depictions are quite interesting with many of our modern cliches about God intertwined with people dressed in ancient garb (e.g. God is depicted as an old man with a white beard).  Click the link following link to check out the Old Testament stories in Lego.

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  • Yes, this one has been around for a while. Be aware that some of the stories, while depicted in Lego Bricks, are still, um, PG (note his rating system). But then, so is the Bible!