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I have had a number of people ask me about free text downloads of Bibles rather than just audio.  I have started to look around a little.  HERE is a link to a number of Bibles available for free download in PDF.  These are in a variety of languages.  But, they are all going to be somewhat older translations that are out of copyright.  For those willing to pay for a newer translations, you can check out, which provides a number of Bibles for download.  I believe they have a few that can be read using Adobe.

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  • I recommend which has a PDF of the World English Bible.

    • Thanks. I’ll send that out to my e-mail list this coming week.

  • Am peter Muwanguzi
    Of Box no. 11447 Kampala Uganda
    Plot 104/5 Sir Apollo Kagwa Road
    Am in need of PdF bible

    • You should be able to simply go to the site and download it. It is not something that would be sent in hard copy.

  • I need your free Bible audio down loded, it will help a lot.Thanks

  • Blessin to me

  • i am very thankful for this opportunity