Equidistant Letter Sequence Research on Jim West's Comment Policy

Reveals that he is in fact the AntiChrist and spawn of Satan.  Using OnlineBibleCode.com (Thank God for their wonderful, Bible believing ministry!) I have been able to prove this beyond any shadow of a doubt.   Jim West’s comment policy has been the subject of a number of posts recently.  And, I wondered why he would be emphasizing the comment policy so often, unless … … …  He was obviously trying to send out secretly encoded messages to those who have received the mark of the beast using Equidistant Letter Sequences (=ELS).  There seems to me no other logical explanation.

So, I went to OnlineBibleCode.com and plugged the text of Jim West’s comment policy into the dialogue box.  Then, I search for ELS of “stn,” i.e. “satan” without the vowels.  Since everyone knows that there were no vowels in the original Hebrew text of the Bible the logic seems clear that the vowels should also not be taken into consideration in the analysis of the comment policy.  The results are astounding (see Figure 1.1 below).  5 occurrences of the “stn” codes were found within 0.01099 seconds.  Folks, that is a very short amount of time.  There were so many occurrences of “stn” in equidistant sequences that the program “Aborted search after finding 5 occurrences.”  I really don’t think there is any arguing with this evidence.

Figure 1.1

Jim West's Comment Policy