What My Blog Stats Say about those Attending SBL

I’ve been blogging a lot about SBL with it being in my hometown this year.  But, what do my stats say about those attending?  Recently I’ve posted on:

  1. Switchfoot
  2. Beer
  3. Cheap Food
  4. Hanging out with me
  5. Hurricane Katrina
  6. A Disney Exhibit at the Museum of Art

Which posts have drawn the most attention? Here’s the list in order of views:

  1. Cheap Food
  2. Beer
  3. Hanging out with me
  4. Disney Exhibit
  5. Hurricane Katrina
  6. Switchfoot

I wonder … had I told everyone that they could eat cheap food and drink beer with me, would hanging with me would have been number one?  Would I have been a main attraction at SBL?  Well, at least I’m bigger among my blog readers that Switchfoot …

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  • LOL
    Oh, the mysteries of SBL and the weirdos who attend it.

    I’ll have to recommend the first three activities to my friends who are heading over. But I’m still mad that I can’t go. So officially, I’m not speaking to anyone who is going to be there because I’m pouting. 😛