SBL Day 1

Drove into New Orleans this morning (about an hour from my home).  Arrived about 10 and went to the wrong hotel.  I really should read information more closely.  Finally, got to the Marriot at about 10:2o and met Ken Brown for a bit of sightseeing about the city.  I had a pleasant conversation with my dissertation supervisor while we waited to see if anyone else was coming, and we left about 10:45.

Ken and I walked from the Marriot to Jackson Square where we walked through the park area and went into St. Louis Cathedral.  The Cathedral is a beautiful building and one of the oldest in the city.  After that we went to St. Louis Number One (a cemetery) to check out some of the grave sites.  I showed Ken where my grandmother and grandfather, June and Russell Hall are buried.  There are a lot of famous graves in the cemetery, unfortunately I did not remember where from my grade school field trips.  But, the memorials are nice nonetheless, it’s like a miniature city for the dead.

After the cemetery, we went up for lunch and met Ken’s roommate Jared at Cafe Maspero.  It’s a place that’s pretty big with locals.  It’s not uncommon on a weekend to have a line around the corner.  If you want to go, you may do better to wait until Monday.  I had the Veggie Muffaletta, Ken the Roast Beef, and Jared Corned Beef on Rye (I told Jared that was my Grandfather’s favorite meal at Maspero’s and that my grandfather was the best person I’ve ever met.  So, he was in good company).  After lunch, we were stuffed and needed to walk it off a bit, so we headed down to the French Market, which is one of the better places in town to get souvenirs. Finally, we walked back toward Canal St. along the river.  Ken and Jared took pictures of the steamboat, the streetcar, and the Holocaust Memorial.

It was enjoyable leisurely stroll about the city and enjoyable time with two new friends who I look forward to seeing at the conference.  Now, to the more serious matters of sessions tomorrow…