Additions to Daniel in Today's Liturgy

Today’s responsive reading involves part of the additions to Daniel considered canonical by Roman Catholics and some of the other more liturgically oriented traditions.  That is very fine and well (at least in my opinion, but I’m Catholic).  Yet here’s the footnote from the New American Bible:

[24] 3,24-90: These verses are inspired additions to the Aramaic text of Daniel, translated from the Greek form of the book. They were originally composed in Hebrew or Aramaic, which has not been preserved. The church has always regarded them as part of the canonical Scriptures.

Nothing like oversimplifications.  And, people wonder why Catholics and Protestants represent each other with caricatures.  How about mentioning that the additional texts in Catholic Bibles are called Deuterocanonical in order to recognize their contested status.

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  • Iam very glad to hear you talk about this verses.Please can you give tthe authentist of the verses?And if possible may youPleasse provide me with the bible having this additional verses in this book of Daniel?