John Collins on Daniel 7

Well, I had a wonderful time with Christo (my thesis supervisor) and Karyn (a peer at the University of Stellenbosch) after SBL.  But, now back to the important business of blogging.  Today’s Old Testament lectionary reading is from Daniel 7.  Once I get past the narratives at the beginning of Daniel, I very much feel as though I am in over my head.  So, I looked to see what resources I could find online.

On Google Books, there is a free chapter (well almost the whole chapter) from a short monograph on the Book of Daniel written by John Collins.  Collins’ larger commentary on Daniel is often cited as the best reference material for the book; however, the shorter monograph may be a bit more accessible.  The chapter contains an outline of chapter 7 and covers the genre, setting and intention of the individual units.  This was a very helpful resource for me.