A Nice Bit of Satire to Start Your Friday Morning

I’ve been watching this whole Daniel Wallace thing expand into a full fledged controversy over the last couple of days.  And, Doug Chaplin has a nice bit of satire on the matter today.  I would love to cite the post in full, but I also want you to click over to Doug’s blog.  So, here’s an excerpt:

Among other links, Pat draws us to Dallas Theological Seminary’s Doctrinal Statement. And I made the mistake of taking the red pill and going down the rabbit-hole clicking on the link. I’m still trying to recover from the shock. I thought I was inoculated against fundyphobia, but apparently not. It not only takes them six articles to get to Christ, but you have to go through some very weird angelology to get there. The idea that this exceeding strange synthesis of various verses about (and actually not about – e.g. Isaiah’s oracle against the king of Babylon) angels and demons is the third article of Christian faith leaves me stranded between laughter and tears. Dan Brown, eat your heart out!

Now it might be that the main purpose of this statement of faith is nothing whatsoever to do with the way the seminary practices scholarship, but is there in order to garner financial support from the great unwashed who wouldn’t know a scholar from a snake-oil salesman …

I cannot help but agree with Doug’s final conclusion that according to Daniel Wallace’s definition of “Christian” I am no Christian either.  Unfortunately, I do not possess Doug’s gift of turn of phrase.  Be sure to check out Doug’s post in full.