Well, I Finally Got an iPhone …

and it is just about the coolest thing … ever.  I have been dropping hints at my wife for quite a long time now.  I think she finally got fed up with my old phone, which was on its last leg (I promise I didn’t just pretend like the service was bad just so I could get an iPhone).  She gave me the go ahead to get an iPhone for Christmas.  She was going to get it herself, but didn’t really know what she was looking at.  Anyway …

Today was my dad’s birthday, so I videoed my kids singing happy birthday.  I tapped the dialogue in the bottom-left of the screen.  I tapped one more button and e-mailed the video to my dad.  Two taps of the screen … that’s pretty awesome.  I’m sure there are other phones that do stuff like that, but it’s my first experience doing something like that with a phone.  I had an iPod touch before, and it was pretty great, but the added capabilities of the camera (with videoing option) and mic built in lead me to believe that the phone is actually going to make me more productive.  And, with the way everything is integrated with iPhoto, iTunes, etc., I couldn’t be happier with the purchase.

I think the only thing so far that I’m not crazy about is the battery life.  But, that probably has a lot to do with the fact that I was on it a crazy amount today.  And, Karyn at one point showed me a gadget for extending battery life, so I’ll have to look into that.


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  • Good for you! I have iPhone fever myself, but I must wait until I’m up for contract renewal–NO WAY I’m paying full price! I had a similar experience last year. I was hinting to my wife regularly how I really wanted a Blackberry. Well, as it would turn out, one evening I was looking for my phone and couldn’t find it anywhere. Some time later, my wife walked into the room with that look on her face and my phone in her hand. It had gone through a wash cycle! Needless to say, it no longer worked. So we loaded up and headed to the AT&T store and I got my Blackberry! I still wonder if she really thinks I did that on purpose!