What I've Been Reading

I’ve been posting quotes from a lot of books here recently and wanted to consolidate.  I’ll post here what I’ve been reading along with if I’d recommend reading it by a scale of 1-10, with 10 being “yes, read it” and 1 being “don’t bother.”  5 might mean something like “only if your interested in the topic and have the time.”

  1. An Unsettling God: The Heart of the Hebrew Bible by Walter Brueggemann (7.5)
  2. Memoirs of God by Mark S. Smith (9)
  3. Psalms by Claus Westermann (7)
  4. Interpreting the Psalms by Patrick Miller (4)
  5. War in the Hebrew Bible: A Study in the Ethics of Violence by Susan Niditch (8)
  6. Does the Bible Justify Violence? by John Collins (6.5)
  7. Households and Holiness: The Religious Culture of Israelite Women by Carol Meyers (5)