Free Hebrew and Greek Courses on iTunes U

I found free Hebrew and Greek courses that I have not linked to before to my knowledge on iTunes U,  Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek.  I hope the links work for you.  I’ve not used or checked out either of the courses, so if anyone has used them or does use them, please comment to let me know how they are.


Free Hebrew Audio Resources

Free Hebrew Text-based resources


  • Concordia also has a very good beginning Greek class on video.


  • Bob,
    Do you have a link for that? Or did I miss it on iTunes U yesterday?

  • ITunes U, at Concordia’s site. Look under Featured Content, or Exegetical Resources right beside the Hebrew Class. It’s been there since 2007, the year I retired. Greek was a review but Hebrew is new for me. It’s wonderful to have resources like this available for Christians.