Engaging Atheism

My online buddy Joel Watts has written a post today with the main title as “Engaging Atheism.”  There is a lot of discussion going on in the comments section, and I think Joel has done a service to write such a post.  I would encourage readers to go and engage in the dialogue regardless of your viewpoints.  Or, perhaps you might consider starting a side discussion on your own blog.  As Joel and I dialogue a good bit, he knows we hold very different views on a lot of different things.  I felt like on this though I could engage in the comments; however, if you want to present a completely different view and want to do that on your own blog rather than just in the comments, I think that will be helpful too.  Just remember to leave a link somewhere.


Chris Heard on Atheism and the Legitimacy of Change in Religion

James McGrath on Atheism


  • Not too differently on more than a few I suspect. Thanks for the link and the comments, Jeremy.

    • Nah, except the whole me not being an inerrantist and being a Roman Catholic (though I think you’d make a good one 😉 ). I think that sets us off in different directions on a few things.

  • But that’s two minor things…:)

  • Well, the fact that you think those are two minor things means we are basically kindred spirits. I guess it would have been more accurate to say that many people would believe us to be very different on things that may be major issues for them.