Not Buying the Jim West is Gone Thing … For Now

I may in fact turn out to be proven wrong.  But I have a hard time believing that someone who could write this inspiring article about Blogging the Bible could just shut down.  It ends:

Blogging the Bible is no longer a fringe pastime for a few; it is a means by which scholars of repute and of no repute at all are sharing the field they love with others who also love it. Every biblical scholar ought to blog, because every blogger out there isn’t a biblical scholar.

Unless … and now it’s time for the theorizing … Jim feels that with such up and coming young bloggers like myself, the job will be very well taken care of.  Well, now that I’ve put it like that, maybe I can believe.

I am jesting of course.  It could turn up something terrible has happened or he has some other really good reason for stopping.  Then, I will end up feeling horribly for my jesting.  That is the way things normally go down for me … foot-in-mouth syndrome.  If that is the case, I apologize in advance Jim.


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