Joel is Unpatriotic and Hates God and Animals

Unfortunately, Joel has decided to take the low road in this battle for number one.  He says that I fired shots, but I most certainly did not.  I simply gave him the opportunity to wave the white flag.  But, in his thirst for blood, he has revealed what kind of person he really is (see his post linked to above) …

From his comments about our home state I can consider him only unpatriotic and to hate America …

From the picture of Pat Robertson it seems that Joel mocks prayer as only a person who hates God would do …

And, he seems to think that shooting cats in a catapult and one dog sitting on top of another to be funny as only a person who hates animals could …

So, if you want an unpatriotic hater of God and animals to be #1, please be my guest … Continue to read Joel’s blog.  But, if you love America and God and believe animals to be a part of God’s beloved creation, unsubscribe from Joel’s feed, subscribe to mine and visit my blog ever second of every day …

And, Joel as a direct message to you … shame, shame, shame


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  • Uhm, I’m neither an American nor a cat-lover, but you get my vote. Polycarp freaks me out… :p

    • Q, you’re alright by me. Joel’s just upset because I’m awesome and he’s not. Yeah, I know you’re reading these comments Joel.

  • I banish thee, Q.

  • I have a pretty mean Hadoken punch, took out a member of parliament with it recently:

    This is so much fun…!

  • Hehe, I play both sides of the field, fomenting strife so that my true vote (Dr. Jim Linville) would end up #1. Jim West prophecized it thus.

    • Q, I liked you a whole lot more before you said that. But, I still may have some use for you yet. From now on though I may call you Gollum.

  • Don’t be jealous of Joel’s innate awesomeness.

    • Superhero (?), I think you mean “inane foolishness,” Joel himself has alluded to his own poor grammar in his most recent post. You see what happens when you read his blog.

  • I forgot one other weapon. I can play the girl card.

    • Madeleine, See there you have it. As a girl, you are obviously no good at cards 😉 because you don’t know the first rule – 1) Never show your hand. Now, if you try to play the girl card, I’ll just point back to this comment feed and people will know what you are doing.

      This is all of course in jest. I have a great wife and two beautiful young daughters. They have very nearly turned me into a feminist because if anyone ever discriminates against them it’s really going to tick me off.

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  • Jeremy, don’t let me unleash The Robert on you. Remember a hurricane that didn’t kill people but did a lot of damage? Yeah, that was really him.

  • Oh I didn’t show my hand Jeremy 😉

    And you summed up part of the power of the girl card in your final sentence.

  • […] UPDATE: It appears that Jeremy has surrendered (but not very gracefully) – see: Joel is Unpatriotic and Hates God and Animals […]

  • […] UPDATE: It appears that Jeremy has surrendered (but not very gracefully) – see: Joel is Unpatriotic and Hates God and Animals. […]