Debunking John Loftus

Up until a couple of days ago, I didn’t really know who John Loftus was, but apparently he now has a Biblioblog and has passed me in the rankings.  So, I hit him with the oldest trick in the book to welcome him in.  Check out the video:

Sorry, John.  But, you may have get accustomed to the corny humor of the world of Biblioblogging… :-)


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  • Jeremy, it was really nice knowing you.

  • Now THAT was funny!

    BTW I hadn’t heard of you before either.

    First impressions are always interesting.


    • Thanks. I’ll take your lack of knowledge as a complement because I’m a ninja. You’re not supposed to know I’m here. And, then Bam! I’m at the top.

      BTW, I appreciate the challenge you issued on your blog. It’s one I did informally myself a couple years back. I remained a Christian, of the Catholic variety, but gained an appreciation for atheism and agnosticism.