3 Kindle Shortcuts

I’ve been doing a good bit of my Biblical Studies reading on my Kindle.  And, the main problem I was having at first was that it was cumbersome to add notes and mark places in the text.  Also, going into menus to start text-to-speech was a bit annoying as well.  But, here are three shortcuts that have helped:

  1. Notes – Just start typing. This didn’t take so long to figure out once I read the words at the bottom of the screen; however, I was at first going into the menus to add notes.
  2. Bookmark page – “Alt + B”
  3. Start text-to-speech – “Shift + SYM;” The shift button is the up arrow.  This has come in handy as I’ve started using the Kindle while walking on the treadmill.

With these three shortcuts, I’ve come to really, really love the Kindle.  I get my books instantly and they’re cheaper.  My wife doesn’t get angry with me for having my books lying all around.   In addition, I can add the books to my iPhone, so in case I ever need reading material in a hurry I have some on hand.  And, now I can mark up my text with a bit more ease.


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