If Anyone Knows Who is on the Glenn Beck Show, It's Joel …

Okay a couple points of fact here.  Joel has doctored an image to have me appear as hosting the Glenn Beck Show.  But, if anyone knows that isn’t true, it’s Joel because we all know he watches daily (if that’s even how often Beck comes on … I wouldn’t know).  And, how do we know that?  Just check out the label attached to his blog … “very conservative.” I heard they tried to label him as only “conservative,” but he sent them this picture of himself watching the Glenn Beck Show …

Original Image

My only fear is where that artillery will be pointed seeing as now I’ve made myself his archenemy.  I’m not really worth all that Joel.


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  • Oh, that’s – that’s just dirty.

  • BTW, the guy in the pic is Catholic. I know you keep hinting, but I’m not that way. Sure, I take baptismal regeneration and the communion pretty serious, and I see the value of Tradition, and I see the value of Mary, but nope. That’s as far as I am going.

    • I knew the guy was Catholic by the hideous red New American Bible. I couldn’t mistake it. As to your leanings, I have a hard time believing when anyone says something like “That’s as far as I’m going.” History is replete with examples of people (myself included) saying “I will go thus and no further” … and then we go there. A couple years back I would have sworn on a stack of Bibles I’d never be Catholic again. This is not just with faith issues, but political, etc. That’s not to say you won’t be able to stay where you are for the rest of your life, but to say “That’s as far as I’m going” … maybe.

  • Yeah, well, when I can find a retort to you,

    I’ll be back