Well, I'll be Consigned! … I'm Orthodox

There’s a new Biblioblog Top 50 and it has me labeled “orthodox.”  Honestly, that’s the first time I’ve been called orthodox in a while, but I’ll take it.  I keep trying to tell people that I am, but most of them in my parts don’t believe me.  And, since Karyn is labeled “orthodox” too I consider myself in good company.  (In case you missed it “consign it to Sheol” is my new euphemism for … well, something else).

I will say this though, what a difference a day makes.  My alexa 1 month today is 249,012, which would have been good enough for the #6 slot.  I should jump back up though once you academics get back in the classroom and start blogging less …


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Consign it to Sheol!


  • Well, at least you didn’t get very conservative.

    • I would have revolted! LOL!