Madeleine Off Camera

Madeleine fancies herself a news reporter with a mean hand okay punch (or whatever), but here’s what she’s really like off camera.  Had to have a hair color change and a move after this one.

Madeleine Blows Up


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  • I wouldn’t go to New Zealand if I were you

    • Joel, that’s why I’ll eventually overtake you. I have no fear.

  • You left out my assassin skills, which if you’d paused to consider should have made you realise that I can photoshop better than Joel.

  • I think she just called you out, or me. Not sure.

  • Just some assassin girl mind messing stuff 😉

    Besides I was just stating a fact – see exhibit A for proof: Auckland Bloggers Drinks Feat. Pamela Anderson and John Key – This Thursday!. You won’t know all the people so the joke may go over your heads (the funniest one was blogging NZ’s most famous libertarian being made into our Prime Minister) but you have to appreciate the seamless photo-shopping skills both Anna and I as Pamela Anderson have to be seen to be believed.