I will do it … I will do the Biblioblog Rankings

I feel a bit like Frodo committing to take the ring to Mordor, but I will do the Biblioblog rankings.  I’m still working out the details of where, when, and how.  I have taken steps toward automating the process; therefore, this will not be the painstaking by hand process used in the past.  Someone is writing me a program that will take Biblioblog URLs from an Excel spreadsheet, retrieve their one month Alexa rankings and place the rankings next to the URL in a separate column.  I can then sort the rankings in Excel and upload this into a Google doc, which can be placed inline on a blog page with a click of a few buttons.  A couple of clicks of a button and the rankings will be done.

The program is not ready yet, but should be within a couple of days.  I wanted to wait until then to post this, but with the shutting down of the Biblioblog Top 50 site, I thought I’d post this news today to provide some solace to those who enjoy the fun of the rankings.  I feel 99% sure the program will work  because it looks like people have been doing this type of work already through Amazon Web Services.  But, in the event that it would fall through, I will commit to doing it manually for at least this month until a more permanent solution could be worked out.


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  • I’m not commenting because I don’t won’t people to know I read your blog

  • Laughing at Joel 😉

    Even with a program, still seems like a huge undertaking Frodo!

    • I don’t know. I’m thinking the whole process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes once I have the rankings retrieved.

  • Yes, but if we add that the person who has to retrieve them is from South Louisiana….

    • Dude, you better not plan on returning to your roots any time soon.

  • So Frodo are we, I mean, MandM on it?

  • Thanks, Jeremy, for taking on such a task. For some of us, it’s what we live for! :-)

  • Blonde?

  • Yeah I realised that after I posted… In my defence I was blonde last year.

  • I thought Joel was talking about his hair roots vs his LA roots 😉

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  • Dude, please, don’t use Alexa. I have a much better idea for doing this, if you’re willing to talk about it. Email me if you get a chance.

  • Sorry everyone. I said I’d do the rankings and then disappeared for a day and a half.

    Madeleine: You all are on the list Joel gave me. So … yes.

    Jason: No big deal. I’ve always thought this process could be automated. And, it turns out it can.

    Michael: I’d be glad to talk about anything, but for now I’m using Alexa. Beyond that, I would say that I cannot think of any reason why there couldn’t be more than one ranking system anyway. I can’t think of many fields, literature, athletics, or whatever, where there is only one kind of award or rating system.

  • Oh yeah, I almost forgot the entire reason I left the last comment. Here’s the first trial run of the program:


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