BiblioBlog Rankings So Far This Month

Well everyone, here is a trial run of the new program.  The stats are inline in my blog using the Google Docs inline WP plugin.  Since this was my first time I think it took a bit longer, but all in all I don’t think the process should take me more than 10 minutes.  And, you know what that means …. more frequent updates, though I still think only one month winners should count.

Please let me know if there are any problems viewing.  Also, these stats are as of Sunday night, so let me know if they don’t correspond with what is on Alexa for one month stats for you.  I spot checked a few and they were correct.  At any rate, I thought this would be a fun start to the week

In addition, if any of you would like to post the stats directly on your site and make your own modifications (like theological leanings, etc.), I don’t care.  I’ll send everything to you in an Excel file with the links already inserted.  If you could only be so kind as to give a backlink (like – provided by, I’d appreciate it.

I’ll also be modifications along the way, so feel free to make suggestions.

[gdocs id=0Adgt7XCfqTGCZGN6cGRzaGhfM2R2ajdkNGhn type='document']


I will do it … I will do the Biblioblog Rankings


  • WTF! I can’t believe my puny blog would rank higher than most of those… There must be something wrong with the metric.

  • Is there an email address or process by which unlisted biblioblogs (like my own) may be requested to be added to the list?

    • Steve,

      Leaving the comment here is fine. If there is one thing about doing the rankings I’m going to try to get help with, it’s deciding who gets on the list. I looked at your blog though, and it doesn’t seem like it will be an issue for you. But, let me first see if I can get some kind of system in place for deciding which blogs make the list. Then I’ll get back to you.

  • Roger that. Thanks!

  • Jeremy, Steve as my vote as he handles such things and patristics and creationism – I think he is a fan of the former. I think he has a big poster on his wall saying ‘I’m a Creationist and an Inerrantist.’

    What happened to all the ones with ‘No Data? I think I know about Cargill and Political Jesus. Click through and update their new addresses. If you want, I can go through the other No Data’s and check them out.

    • Joel,
      I updated the Cargill and Political Jesus URLs. The “No Data”s looked skewed when they came up. I changed them to a “No Data” tag. I think this is because some of them are international blogs and some of them are hosted on things like university website, thus not having their own stats. Please do go through them. I was actually going to ask you to do that anyway. Most of them were listed with “No Data” in the November rankings you sent. I assume it was for these reasons and perhaps others.

  • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Joel. But you forgot, “I’m also a six-point Calvinist and find bloggers who come out against the Manhattan Declaration to be teetering on apostasy.”

  • Of course, the latter two could be construed as somewhat contradictory, I suppose. Fine: “…to be showing unmistakeable signs that they are not among the elect.”

  • See, this what I mean, Jeremy, by ‘They will come out of the wood work.’

    Steve is struggling only with humility – is he greater than John Calvin, or just equal?

    No worries, Steve, Jeremy, as I have demonstrated, plays Luther on Saturday evenings.

  • Man, Tabor sure shot up, didn’t he?

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  • When you get around to it, The Macintosh Biblioblog isn’t currently listed.
    It was on the Biblioblogs Top 50 list, so am curious about its exclusion here. Was your core list based on that?

  • James: I guess I’ll have to try to work in the pluses and minuses somehow.

    Joe: That’s kind of why I’m doing a trial run before the monthly rankings. I’m working from an old spreadsheet Joel sent me. I’ve had to correct a few things already as you can see from the previous comments. At any rate, you’re back on the list ;-). And, you’ll be on the next installment.

  • Joe,
    Scratch that. You’re now on this one.

  • Hey now, don’t blame Joel for everything! He got the list from someone else.

  • Not blaming. Just saying your spreadsheet was “old,” i.e. a couple months back. So, it may not have had him.

  • No blame for any of you… and don’t let anyone throw any your way.
    We’re just collectively pleased for the efforts you’re making.

    I’ve never used Alexa, but when I look up my blog, it shows an Alexa ranking of 2,075,299, but it’s now listed here as 3,427,761. I point this out not because I will lose sleep if I don’t break into the top 100, but rather to question the consistency of the Alexa ranking. Do two people checking a site ranking on the same day not get a similar ranking for a site?

  • Joe, the rankings generally use the 1 month. Your Three Month Av. is 2mill. Your 1 month ave. is 3 mill.

  • For those who have showed interest in this post, you might want check out my post on how we might go about deciding who makes the BiblioBlog list –

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  • Thanks for this Jeremy. I appreciate the effort even if I don’t appreciate Loftus pipping us… just… not for long 😉

    Just a minor point, my name has an extra e in it.

    Also please consider Glenn Peoples’ Say Hello to My Little Friend: The Beretta Blog and Podcast. It is the second best New Zealand theological blog.

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  • […] Jeremy Thompson has taken up the task with a script.  There immediately follows the inevitable question of just who is a biblioblogger.  I had only been on the previous list for two months when it went belly up–or not, as the case may be, so I’m not sure if I’m a “real” biblioblogger or not. […]

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  • Jeremy, I’d like to request my blog be listed: Say Hello to my Little Friend. (

  • Looks like committee time!

  • This is great!
    Echoing Glenn, I would love to have my site ranked (at the bottom!)
    Is this something one signs up for or is at the discretion of the host?

    Either way, appreciate your work on this!

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