Do BiblioBloggers Google Their Own Names? …

Well, the textual evidence seems to point in that direction.  I posted a trial run of the BiblioBlog rankings for this month late Sunday night.  And, I got traffic from some interesting search referrals yesterday.  Here are a few:

Dave Black

Satlow” (Whoever did this, I don’t think quotation marks make a difference if it’s one word)

Stephan Huller

Tommy Wasserman

Kind of suspicious don’t you think?  There are three possibilities I guess.  BiblioBloggers: 1) Are very popular (most doubtful), 2) Search their own names (my best guess), 3) Have stalkers (also doubtful).  You decide.  I probably would have gotten about 100 referrals for “Joel Watts” but when he googled his name 100 times yesterday he probably didn’t want to click through so as to boost my Alexa ranking …


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  • I am merely a microblogger, but I have had two colleagues (Aryeh Amihay and Brandon Wason) find my links for me (options #1 and #3 above). It’s been delightful, of course, but it has also led to me googling myself (option #2).

  • I get googled for other people all the time, even a depraved individual named Jeremy Thompson.

    Huller – he does like to see his name in google. He thinks that every one is talking about him.

    • Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve Googled my own name before too.

  • I know a number of academics who google their own name just to make sure they know what’s being said about them online. The first week of every month I see in the search engine terms the name of a prominent Oxford professor I know who finds his way to my blog through googling his name. I’ve never arrived at my own blog through googling my own name, but every day people arrive at my blog searching for “daniel o. mcclellan,” “daniel o mcclellan,” daniel mcclellan,” or some other derivation or misspelling.

  • That’s right Joel. I don’t any have people stalking me over the internet. I have to confess that yes I Google myself everyday (even though that’s sounds disgusting). I also check my Amazon rankings. It’s only natural when you have ideas to promote. I am sure the apostles if they were living today would Google their progress as missionaries.

    In the end you have to take it all in stride – even the negative forces like Joel – and say to yourself “because of the abundance of the revelations and so that I might not become too elated, a thorn in the flesh was given to me, an angel of Satan, to beat me, to keep me from being too elated.” That’s Joel, my Satanic promotion manager on the internet. I keep up with him through Google.

    Joel, be checking in this afternoon as per usual!

  • Yep, Stephan just pulled a huller

  • Hi, this is funny! Yes, I google my name regularly, and Daniel mentioned one of the reasons why. Last week I discovered an interesting debate about a problem in Jude with several references to my monograph. I posted a response, but unfortunately the conversation was some weeks old. Sometimes I also find relevant stuff to put on my blog. I also google my blogname evangelicaltextualcriticism.

  • I’d add another option. I’m a publisher, and in particular I’m one of Dave Black’s publishers (Energion Publications), and I have an RSS subscription to a search on his name. I use it to find reviews, comments, quotes and so forth in the news or around the blogs.

    His is not he only name I do that for, but since it showed up in your list I thought I’d mention it.