U2 "40" – The Absolute BEST Modern Version of a Psalm

Today’s responsorial reading is from Psalm 40, which gives me the great pleasure to embed the absolute best modern version of one of the Psalms, U2’s “40.”  The lyrics are here.  Today’s reading actually doesn’t include most of the verses used for this song, but it does make use of verse 2, and that was enough reason to post this.  Please enjoy.

U2 – “40” (Live)


Psalm 137 – Rivers of Babylon (Sublime version)

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Live’s “Heaven” and General Revelation

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  • It’s…okay

    • And, you’re lame, so I guess it’s better than you are. I mean it’s not King James Bible song though …

  • Nice to see your notifier working again. Umm…whomever helped you must be one swell and cool dude, and I bet he sure is purty.

    I was surprised to hear it as good as it was. I’ve been listening to Greek Psalms/Chants for a while, as it seems to me that Southern Gospel is boring. So, this was a nice addition to the library.

    • Yeah I copied your notifier thing verbatim except “great.” Sometimes your notifier tells me someone left a great comment. Then, I read it and it’s really dumb. Anyway … Thanks.

  • Oh hahaha.

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