Brooke Lester on Genesis 1:1

Long weekends have slowed down my blogging a bit over the last couple of weeks.  But, I’m going to get a couple of posts out today (I hope).  First, I wanted to point my readers to a helpful post by Brooke Lester on Genesis 1:1.  He deals with one of the important translation issues that one finds there, which I have previously used to discuss the importance of those readers who do not know Hebrew comparing translations.  Check out what Brooke has to say.


Genesis 1.1 and the Importance of Comparing Translations

Psalm 1.1 – Translation Comparison

Isaiah 41 – An Interesting Translation Issue

An Ancient of Days or The Ancient of Days: Does it Really Matter?

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  • Thanks, Jeremy. I am currently looking at a post on Genesis 1, so this comes in handy.

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