Daniel McClellan & Doug Chaplin on Richard Dawkins & Aid for Haiti

Daniel McClellan and Doug Chaplin are two bloggers that I enjoy reading a lot.  They have both drawn attention to a relief effort being made by Richard Dawkins for the recent earthquake in Haiti.  Daniel is a little more hopeful; Doug is a bit more disappointed.  These are interesting takes on the topic, and I hope you will click over an read them.  I have to say that I find at Daniel’s assessment spot on and couldn’t agree more with this point (I would bold it and italicize it, but that might be overdoing it a bit):

First, I’d like to say that contributing to the relief efforts in Haiti is important no matter the motivation.

If you haven’t made use of the Red Cross’ opportunity to give through text message, I can’t think of any way that it could possibly be any easier.

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  • I’m more disappointed in Dawkins using this to showcase his politics – but….so do a few Christian organizations.