• hahhahahhahahahahaha

    • You think that’s funny? By commenting, you basically just proved you are a sucker. 😉

  • hahahahaahaha, oh geesh. that was good.

  • yeah, well, well, at least I’m not from Chalmette.

  • now how does someone with a ranking in the 212,000’s go about having the stones to offer advice on being #1?

    that’s like dimwitted atheists giving advice on pious living…


    • Well, Jim, it’s nice to see you’re as awnry as always (and that you adore reading my blog enough to come and comment). But, you must have forgotten to put on those glasses you have on in your picture 😉 The post’s title mentions becoming “a” top BiblioBlogger not “the” top BiblioBlogger. Besides my 1 month is well under 200,000 now. It’s just too bad you left the world of BiblioBlogging because you were scared of me (yes, I know that is the real reason). I would have eventually caught you unlike that silly, worthless chump Joel. It would have been a clash of epic proportions. But, in the end, I would have stood over your blog’s metaphorical body and severed its head, just as David did Goliath’s.

      BTW, I may be the only thing that could be worse to a Zwinglian than an atheist anyway … gasp … a papist!

  • i wouldnt miss one of your posts jer. ya wretched thing.
    but you’re right about joel… 😉

  • *Salute*