David and Goliath – Saints Will Win (Reader Response)

Today’s Old Testament lectionary reading was on David and Goliath.  And, as I interacted with the text I couldn’t help but feel that it speaks to the New Orleans Saints – Minnesota Vikings NFC Championship Game coming up this Sunday.  Goliath obviously represents the Minnesota Vikings because of their franchise’s playoff history.  And, David obviously represents the New Orleans Saints on account of their playoff history (see left-hand column).  What this means is that God is on the side of the New Orleans Saints and wants them to win and advance to the SuperBowl to win it all.  So, the Saints will do so with the ease with which David strikes down Goliath with the smooth stones in his sling.

Since this passage occurs in 1 Samuel 17, I predict the Saints win by 17. Lets go Saints 34 – Vikings 17 just to make it easy on Biblical scholars who are not good at math.

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