Not a Rap Fan, But I can Get into This

You’re probably going to be hearing a good bit from me over the next two and half weeks as the New Orleans Saints go on to dominate the superbowl.  Here’s a little something to start you off:


U2 “40” – The Absolute BEST Modern Version of a Psalm

More Music Joel Likes …

Psalm 137 – Rivers of Babylon (Sublime version)

Live’s “Heaven” and General Revelation

Regina Spektor’s “Laughing With”


  • I’ve listened to a number of these things on Youtube–quite fun! And, I, along with the countless hordes of Saints fans, will be pouring all my cheering energy into Sunday’s game!

  • Heretics and hypocrites. I’m still pulling for LSU this year

    • You know SLU has a football team again now after a pretty long hiatus. They’re not Division I, but I think they did pretty good this year.