Jim West is a Cantankerous, Old Nutjob

For those of you who came to my blog yesterday looking for a real tip on how to become a top BiblioBlogger, here’s a one:

Say bad or outlandish things about Jim West in your title line.

It frankly doesn’t matter if they are true or not, people will come out of the woodworks.  That will boost your Alexa Rank, which is far more important than the truth.

Do you hear that, Joel?  That’s the sound of my Alexa Rank juggernauting into outer space…

Alright, that’s my last trick for a while.  I promise I’ll try to say something substantial on my blog by the end of the day 😉


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  • Say something substantial…ummm….that would be cool if you could actually do it. Once. Just once….

    • Well there. I gave it a try.

  • LOLOLOL…. priceless!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks! I think I better slow down with my brash awesomeness for a bit though before I turn into the boy who cried wolf and everybody stops clicking through. It worked today though … hottest page on my site.

  • yeah ya have to be careful. and you can send me something cool like a mug from the local starbucks for lending you just a ‘bit of my spirit’ since you’ve seen the chariot ascend into heaven…

    • I was thinking it was more like “the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do…” Anyway, somebody has got to have fun around here since Joel’s now #1 and he’s so lame.
      Perhaps I can just buy you a cup of coffee at SBL Atlanta.