Four New BiblioBlogs & This Week's Rankings

What’s up BiblioBloggers!  I know everyone is excited about the big New Orleans Saints victory about to happen in a few hours.  But, here are a few a new blogs that have been added to the list to keep your minds occupied until then (or maybe that’s just me). Check ’em out:


Say Hello to My Little Friend

Ari’s Blog of Awesomeness

You Can’t Mean That!

And, once you check those out, you can see where you rank.  Or, you can just gawk at my awesome rank for such a young and up and coming blogger and  wish you were me … 😉

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  • Excellent, Jeremy. BTW, you might need to change Peter Kirk’s address.

    Not sure if it is working or not.

    • Man, I wonder why somebody gave me a spreadsheet with all kinds of mistakes in it …. 😉

  • […] has updated the weekly rankings […]

  • I reckon the same reason that someone sent it to me :) Just paying it forward…

  • Well, let’s see if the Saints are worthy enough to meet up with my Colts in the Super Bowl then. Today’s the day that decides it.

    • John,

      Just always remember that the great city of New Orleans has given you Peyton Manning. It was actually pretty cool growing up in the time I did. I saw him completely dismantle my high school’s football team. I was about the same age as Eli though. I played baseball against him growing up.

  • Awesome. Thanks, Jeremy!

  • Debuting at number five. Not too shabby I suppose. :)

  • Hey, what do you know, I finally clawed back into the Top 50! Maybe there’s something to this whole “blogging regularly” thing after all… 😉

  • Saints versus the Colts in the Super Bowl! It just had to be. It’s destiny. Now the debate will be settled over who had the best team this year. Go Colts!!!!!!!

    • John,
      There is no debate. You silly Colts fans are about to find out. 😉

      And BTW, If you ever write the words “Go Colts!” on my website again, I will ban you FOREVER. 😡

      LOL!!! These next two weeks are going to be so much fun!

  • It is obviously that John is a non-believer. Only an atheist would root against the Saints. the SAINTS. Saints=God’s people. John is rooting against God’s people.

  • Yes, this will be fun, that is, until the Colts win. I do not predict an easy win for either team, that’s for sure. They are both great teams. That’s why I’m glad to see them facing off against each other, finally. But about the Saints representing God’s people go, didn’t Pat Robertson say New Orleans was hit by Katrina because of their immorality? Hmmm. And doesn’t this just go to show you what Jesus says that not all who call their football teams “Saints” will enter into the kingdom of God but only those who do the will of God?

    So we’ll see if God pronounces MORE judgment on those heathens.

    • “The Loftus Delusion” = “Yes, this will be fun, that is, until the Colts win.”

  • First, Pat is a complete moron. Second, that’s a dirty burn with you last comment, John. Burn. Besides, this week, I am a universalist. So, people in heaven, dead animals not so much.

    And the Colts? Liddle biddy baby horses? Awwwww….

  • It’s times like these I wish we could rename the Colts “The Sinners,” then hopefully we could blast “The Saints” once and for all. Gotta go. Cheers.

  • hahahhahahaahhahahahahha That’s funny. Years from now, they will debate whether or not Loftus existed because his prophecies were wrong and so clearly whacked.

  • […] | Tags: Huzzah! Reading Acts finally broke into the rarified air the the new-look  BiblioBlog Top Fifty list, coming in at #46 this week.   So let me take the occasion to celebrate the year-and-a-half […]

  • I was wondering if you would consider my blog?

  • Steve: No problem. The voters were unanimous on adding you to the list.

    Glenn: Congrats! I debuted at 36 myself, but the next month jumped to number 4. Not much room for you to work with though.

    Ken: I hope you can stay out from under that pile of papers I saw in one of your recent posts long enough to keep climbing.

    Chris: I’ll take a look and then send it out to a group of people that I have help me take a look at blogs.

  • Thanks for adding me to the list, Jeremy!

  • Jeremy,
    Could you count me in?
    Certainly count me in on the Saints’ side………but, no! I did not go down on Poydras wearing a dress Sunday afternoon!

  • So how do I join the fray? Also, how is it rated? Ranking Loftus 2nd has to be a typo. No?