Wallace, Cargill, and Goodacre Now in the BiblioBlogger Bookstore

If you missed it yesterday, I started an Amazon store devoted to books written by BiblioBloggers.  Yesterday John Loftus, Todd Bolen, Dave Black, James McGrath, and Henry Neufeld made it in.  Today I’ve added Daniel Wallace, Robert Cargill, and Mark Goodacre.  It is a wonder that some of these guys have any time whatsoever to blog with all of the monographs that they write.  Anyway check them out HERE.


Introducing the BiblioBlogger Bookstore

Four New BiblioBlogs & This Week’s Rankings


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  • Nice idea! One note–Dave Black has two additional books that my company publishes, The Jesus Paradigm, ASIN 1893729567, and Christian Archy, ASIN 189372977X.

    • Cool, Henry! I’ve added the books. Thanks for the tip. Did I get all of you own work? I know you had a bunch

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  • Jeremy – Well, you know, I never thought to check. I glanced at the page. The answer is yes, you did. But now you have credited me with a book I publish, but did not write. Dave Black’s The Jesus Paradigm is on my page rather than Dave’s.

    It’s flattering, but honesty forbids!

    • Well, I guess that’s what happens when you add Dave Black books with Henry Neufeld on the brain. LOL! Anyway, I think I’ve fixed it now.