• Yes, please!

    jgar AT suddenlink DOT net

  • Can’t use it. Doesn’t match my color scheme. :)

  • Dang but you know how to generate some hits from me.

    You do know that the Saints played dirty to beat the Vikings, didn’t you? They hit Farve even though they knew they’d get a penalty or two just to rattle him early in the game, and it worked.

    Dirty little Saints. Dirty little Saints. They don’t have clean hands.

    And yet, the Colts will win anyway!

    • John,
      I’m glad to see you’ve been sipping the kool-aid the national media has been pouring for you. The only reason those plays even remotely look dirty is that they’re playing them on tv in slow motion. Anyway, I hope the national media keeps up all this underdog talk because that’s when we play our best.

      Colts = Count On Losing The Superbowl