And The BiblioBlogger of the Month for January is …

*** JOEL WATTS!!! ***

Congratulations to Joel and to everyone who has made their way into the Top 50 this month!  We all know that this is the absolute most important part of what we do, and it is certainly a prestigious honor 😉  Anyway, check out where you are (and if I made any mistakes — wouldn’t want the rankings to be tainted) and let your readers know where you landed this month.  I didn’t include the “no datas” at the behest of a few people, so it’s an abbreviated list.

I hope to announce a bit of news this month about the location of the rankings in future months along with some of the additions I would like to make to them.  In the meantime, I’ve started up a BiblioBlogger bookstore and have a couple of other potential ideas for promoting BiblioBlogging.  Only our top bloggers have made their way into the store so far, but I hope to add a couple more of you everyday.  Stay tuned….

[If you sent me your URL to check out for addition to the list this past week, I’ll get to it this upcoming week.]

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  • Thanks, Jeremy!

    • Joel,
      No problem. Congrats!

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  • Thanks for the bookstore, Jeremy, but you linked to my self-published book. That’s fine as it goes but the title of the one published by Prometheus Books, well, *ahem* can be found here. 😉

    • John,
      Thanks for pointing that out. I think I’ve got them both now, but I can remove the self-published title if you’d like.

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  • Thanks for all the work Jeremy – nice to see that you are getting some payment for it 😉

    One minor quibble – please note the correct spelling of my name, you are missing an e.

    John, isn’t a book trashing Christianity written by a sceptic and published by Prometheus essentially the same thing as a self-publication? 😉

  • I don’t believe in publishers. There is not historical evidence for a ‘publisher’ as we know, everyone is really self-published anyway. Who could actually believe in a ‘publisher’ which takes your work, ‘publishes’ it and ‘gives’ you only a small portion of the monies made.’

    I’m starting a new site ‘Debunking Publishers’

  • Okay, okay, you people are just too funny for me.

    Jeremy, just the published book is fine, you know, the one that exists and comes from a divine mind. 😉

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  • If I ever encounter a blog on which J W Loftus contributes but does not link to one of his books, I will sprout a new head.

  • Glenn, Jeremy had asked us about our books in a different post but I hadn’t responded yet. He would be willing to list all of your books too, ya know.

    Last I knew you already have two heads.

    That large one you use to think with


    …the one on that pimple I see.

  • Man, I can’t leave you guys alone for 5 minutes. Anyway …

    John: I think I left out the self-published one (if it was under Trafford).

    Madeleine: Your name is fixed now and forevermore. I blame Joel for that anyway, mainly because I just like to blame him for everything. Economic downturn … yep, Joel’s fault.

    Glenn: On your site, you attribute this blog to Joel. Dont ever … ever, ever, ever, ever, do that again. We are in fact mortal enemies. I’m Jeremy.

  • As one can tell, Jeremy suffers from a range of issues, most notably, of being a Republican, a member of the Tea Bag outfit (initial organizer, I believe), and a fill in for Glen Beck.

  • My Alexa rank hasn’t been that high in 9+ months. It has been 260k-280k for the last 6 months and was 278k on the day this was posted. Something is off there. Thanks for doing this. It is a ton of work.

    • Matt,
      I think you might be looking at the 3 month stats, which are 277k today. However, your 1 month is at 339k today, which is pretty close what it was yesterday morning.

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  • Jeremy,

    Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize it broke it down that way. I thought I was looking at the monthly stats. Appreciate the clarification!

    • No problem, Matt. With two things at work, I get those questions a lot. Many don’t know that we use the one month ranking. And, many don’t know that the main ranking displayed by Alexa is the three month.

  • Hey up there, Madeleine! I made a similar point on Loftus’ blog. For some reason, I didn’t get any applause!

  • 123?!?! I better post about something controversial soon. 😉

  • If anyone needs a few ideas…

  • Do we yet have specific criteria for what it takes to be eligible for this list?

  • Joel, congrats!


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