If you want to waste 99 minutes of your life …

then watch The Invention of Lying.  It’s not just the caricature of religion that is ridiculous; it’s really the whole premise of the movie.  “Being honest” apparently means blurting out random stuff even when unsolicited, even though that principle is not applied in a balanced fashion throughout.  You only have to blurt out random oddball stuff (e.g. when you just went to the bathroom).  But, you don’t have blurt out random normal stuff like “I just sent an email.”  I guess that wouldn’t be funny.

I normally like Ricky Gervais, but this one gets a “thumbs down.”  And, if you can’t see the problems with the caricature of religion, try reading this book.


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  • It was entertaining for 30 mins, I give him that. Sadly it’s a movie, not a TV episode.

    • Q,
      I don’t think it was a terrible idea for a movie. I just don’t think that they did a good job of it at all. For one thing, they include a lot of things (elaborate ritual grave sites) or ideas associated with religious belief in a world in which there is supposedly no God. For instance, an “eternity” of nothingness. If it’s really nothingness there can be no “eternity” of something that doesn’t exist. It just seems that they didn’t think many things through.